Message from the President
  Future planning
  Corporate Culture  
Corporate visionto create a harmonious home life dream
Enterprise missionto strive to improve the living environment
Enterprise purposecasting Yingcai, success in life, create wealth, return to the community
Core valueshumility, Houde, pragmatic and efficient
Enterprise style
“All”style:all system management, and all the data speak
“A”style:once to solve the problem, once the job done
Corporate strategic objectives
Short-term goalsprofessional management, standardized management
Medium-term objectivesGroup management, diversification of
Long-term objectivesbrand management, international development
Golden pleasant codes of conduct
Discipline:loyalty, law-abiding
Efficient execution of work:dedication
Learning:the pursuit of excellence, forge ahead
Man:civilized behavior, unity and friendliness
Corporate philosophy
Business philosophy:integrity of work, be prepared with one heart and one mind, innovation and development
Headed by the talent concept:virtues, ability first, ability and political integrity, performance
Production philosophy:hard work, safety in production, technological innovation, continuous improvement
Management philosophy:self-planned, self-executing, self-review, self-improvement
The marketing concept:Began in customer requirements, and finally customer satisfaction 
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